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Coming Attractions: Springtime in Italy

With Fred MacMurray Fridays winding down this week, I thought it would be fun to do another theme on Fridays in March.  So next month I’ll be bringing you Springtime in Italy.


Granted, it may not feel like Spring to some of you yet, but that’s all the more reason to celebrate the approach of warmer weather with movies that take you to sunny, scenic Italy.  Even if you don’t have the time or money to jet off to Europe, you can always enjoy a movie vacation, spending a day traveling to Rome, Venice, and Florence without ever leaving the couch.


The hard part will be deciding which films to cover in only four Fridays.  The list of escapist classic movies set in Italy is very long!  Roman Holiday, Come September, Three Coins in the Fountain, Summertime, Rome Adventure, It Started in Naples and Light in the Piazza, to name only a few.

Speaking of Light in the Piazza, a lovely movie I’ve been dying to see released on DVD, this exchange was posted on the Warner Archive Facebook page on February 17th.


Someone asked:  “Any chance we’ll see Light in the Piazza (1962), Devotion (1946) or the Natalie Wood film Penelope (1966) anytime soon?”  Warner Archive answered: “One of them is coming next week…..another this Summer…and another soon thereafter….so the answer is, yes (eventually!) to all three.”

Hurray!  Or maybe I should say “Meravigliosa!”  I’ll be on pins and needles until Light in the Piazza comes out.  I’ll also be hoping it will be remastered.  It’s such a beautiful, scenic movie that it deserves a little extra TLC.


2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions: Springtime in Italy

  1. Oh, how fun! I love movies set in scenic Rome! I have yet to see Light in the Piazza, but am looking forward to it because Olivia is one of my favorite actresses.

    • I’m such a sucker for movies set in Italy. Even those with the thinnest plots are worth watching if there’s enough beautiful scenery. Case in point: “Rome Adventure.” The story is pretty lame, but it’s all so pretty to look at!

      I’m happy to say that “Light in the Piazza” has both a good story AND good scenery. 😉

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