So many movies, so little time

Busy, busy week so far, which is frustrating because I have lots to write about.  Two more new-t0-me Cary Grant movies, Mr. Lucky and The Talk of the Town, plus Monkey Business, which I watched recently for the first time in years.  (Bringing Up Baby it is not, though it wants to be.  It’s better than I remembered it being, however.)

I also have two great Barbara Stanwyck movies to discuss: The Lady Eve and Remember the Night.  Gah, Preston Sturges.  The best.

Additionally, I’m reading Richard Schickel’s book about Cary Grant and skimming through Peter Bogdanovich’s Who the Hell’s In It, both of which are very interesting and quotable.

It’s so frustrating when work and real life get in the way of movies and reading.  Heh.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more than just a placeholder post, but in the meantime here’s one of my favorite pictures — Kings of Hollywood, taken by society photographer Slim Aarons in 1957.  Such glamour! 

Film stars (left to right) Clark Gable (1901 – 1960), Van Heflin (1910 – 1971), Gary Cooper (1901 – 1961) and James Stewart (1908 – 1997) enjoy a joke at a New Year’s party held at Romanoff’s in Beverly Hills.