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Welcome back, Robert Osborne!

This blog has been sadly neglected of late, but I couldn’t let the moment pass without celebrating the return of Robert Osborne to TCM this Thursday, December 1st, after a five month absence.

I’m sure we all appreciated and loved Mr. Osborne over the years for his debonair yet down-to-earth style, his vast knowledge of and passion for classic movies, and his fantastic interviews and insights, but I don’t know if we realized just how matchless and irreplaceable he is until we had to do without him for a while.  God bless the wonderful substitute hosts who filled in for him, but the truth is there is only one Robert Osborne and TCM just isn’t the same without him.

And how fortuitous is the timing of his return, on the first night of William Powell’s stint as Star of the Month?  Two dapper, witty, incomparable gentlemen.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

So welcome back to TCM and welcome back into our homes, Mr. Osborne!  Having you around again is a truly fantastic Christmas gift this year.


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